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Atlantc Asphalt Roofing Mayo Ireland

The four criteria for achieving a good quality flat roof that will last the life time of your building.

  • Design Four Main Criteria
  • Materials
  • Workmanship
  • Component compatibility

We at Atlantic Asphalt in association with IKO offer you a comprehensive service to help you correctly address all four criteria.

Roofing systems can in general be divided into five specific categories:

  1. Mastic Asphalt
  2. Bituminous Roofing
  3. Single Ply
  4. Hot Melt Application
  5. Cold Applied Liquid Roofing

Each category of roof system has specific strengths which recommend it in particular circumstances. For example mastic asphalt is particularly appropriate in solid structural buildings where extremely long life is required, bituminous roofing where robustness and long life is required, single ply where speed of application, cost and appearance are important. Hot melt is very suitable for buried work and for roof gardens. Cold applied liquid roofing is very suitable for recover, particularly when there is a lot of plant on a roof and the plant cannot be moved to accommodate reroofing.

Other issues are of course extremely important such as, fire, the environment, fatigue resistance, your personal preferences.

Your roof must withstand: snow, ice, temperatures as low as -15°C, storms, wind, rain, sun, UV light, temperatures as hot as boiling water, structural movement, thermal movement, roof traffic.

When choosing a roofing membrane you will be taking all of these points into consideration. Some issues will obviously be more critical than others and your choice will be dictated by those issues which you deem most important. We want to hear what your needs are. Then we can offer you an appropriate package. The higher the quality of your design, the materials, the workmanship, the quality and compatibility of the components in your system the higher the quality of your roof. Three out of four is insufficient.